Z39.50 Set-up

OASIS Z39.50 Server Configuration Guidelines
OASIS Z39.50 Server Configuration Guidelines

The OASIS Z39.50 server allows the searching and retrieval of marc records by either ISBN or OASIS List Identifier.
This allows for easy merging of bibliographic records into various library systems.​

Z39.50 Client Setup information

Server name: oasis-z3950.proquest.com
Port number: 210
Database name: USMARC
Record format: Marc 21/USMARC


The z39.50 server uses the ISBN attribute (7) with for both ISBN and list searches.
To search for an OASIS list ID simply prefix the ID with ‘list:’, in the ISBN search field.

Example: 0123456789  or  list:99999999  where 99999999 is the 8 character OASIS list identifier.

Multiple ISBN can be searched for with the OR operator

No other attributes are supported.

Please send any questions you may have to OASIS Feedback (Coutts-OasisFeedback@proquest.com).