Sending Title to Ratifier

When you are ready to send your title(s) to your Ratifier/Acquisitions, you can click on Express checkout, either from the Action Arrow or the Bulk Action Buttons. This will pop-up a an Order Info dialog, where you can enter any additional information you would like, before clicking "Select now."

The title will be sent to your ratifier and removed from your screen, unless it is part of a saved list.

Note that the Check Status on the title(s) you have sent will how appear as Awaiting Ratification. When the order is placed with ProQuest, the status will change to On Order.

Once titles have been Sent to Acquisitions you are able to view such titles by clicking on Sent to Ratifier which is listed in the menu under New Titles. This is a ‘Read only’ list, the content of which is divided by day and week of entry and is displayed by default in the order of entry. Titles are retained in the list for a period of 90 days. Check Status messages will show whether the title is Awaiting Ratification, On Order, etc. with further details available by clicking on the status or by accessing the Check Status tab.