Search Orders

Selecting Search Orders/Invoices in the OASIS main menu will open up two options allowing the user to find information on both firm and approval title orders in the first subfolder and standing orders in the second subfolder.

The first sub-folder for Firm/Approval Orders provides a number of filtering options for are open, fulfilled, and cancelled in the first tab and also allows the user to search for just invoices.

The first option is to search Firm/Approval orders:


This search screen has two search options for searching:

  • Order Search in the upper portion of the screen, searches all firm and approval orders and doesn't distinguish between open, completed/invoiced or cancelled.
  • Detailed Search in the lower portion of the screen, can also search all firm and approval orders but allows for more customization and filtering.

Using the Order Search option allows you to target a specific:

  • ISBN (or multiple ISBNs)
  • title
  • author
  • use specific keywords
  • purchase order
  • fund
  • invoice
  • or, if used 'Loan Type'

You can also specify if you are looking for "iFound" orders only just by ticking that box. 

Using the Detailed Search options you have more control using more specific search parameters such as:

  • Order Status dropdown (i.e., All Placed (default), Open, Invoiced or Cancelled)


  • Transaction Date - select the calendar icon to open the dropdown.  When selecting an option with an arrow to right you will open a calendar to specify a date or date range.


  • Sort by dropdown options


  • Specify which Account to search from the dropdown


  • Purchase Order
  • Fund
  • Location
  • "Loan Type"

The user can also search for this information within their "iFound" orders simply by checking the 'iFound Orders Only' box in the appropriate template.

NOTE:  If you wish to search a range of Purchase Order Numbers and your order numbers have common letters and/or figures at the beginning, you can search using a truncated entry followed by an asterisk. For example,if you have a range of order numbers from LIB-100000 to LIB-109999, you can look at 'all' by entering just LIB-10*. To narrow the search to orders in the range LIB-101000 to LIB-101999, use LIB-101*, and so forth.

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