Rush Orders


Our Rush Order facilities are tailored to best serve each geographical location, as outlined below. For customers located other than in the US, Canada and the UK, due to geography and borders, we do not normally recommend Rush orders.

All Rush orders, once placed, are identified as such in OASIS.

Phone Rush

This is the default service in the UK and Canada. Check-marking the ‘Phone Rush’ field in the Order Info box will cause a title to be given priority and to be sourced for fast delivery via ProQuest. A user may wish to add a note for such books not to be processed in order to ensure the speediest possible passage. There is a warning note that a service fee may apply.


Stock Rush

For US customers this is the default Rush service. Since we have direct access to ProQuest warehouses and there are no cross-border shipping issues, we can offer a ‘Stock Rush’ against one of the world’s most extensive inventories. These orders drop-ship directly from one of these warehouses to the library, with orders placed in the morning normally being shipped that afternoon.

Appropriate stock status messages appear in the browse rows and in Title Details whenever a title is available in one of our warehouses. If a title is not available in our warehouses for Stock Rush service, OASIS will present the Phone Rush service option in the Order Info box.

Order Info will display 'Stock Rush' where appropriate.

Please contact your Customer Services Representative or Area Manager for further information.

See Also Stock Statuses.