Profile Basics

An approval plan is a method of acquiring library print books and e-books whereby Ingram selects materials for the library based upon both subject and other parameters as agreed with the library.  

These parameters combine to make up what is called a ‘profile.’ A Book Approval Plan automatically delivers newly published books to libraries, while a Slip Plan delivers new title notifications to librarians for their consideration. Often, libraries receive a combination of approval books and new title notifications, often referred to as ‘slips,’ even though today the slips delivered are usually electronic, not paper as in the past. These electronic slips are viewed using OASIS online title database. 

Below is an illustration of the various parameters that make up a profile.


  • You can create profiles to automatically supply core titles, which frees library selectors to focus their time spent on collection development in other areas. 
  • ProQuest treats more than 77,000 titles annually, and your plan is designed to narrow down this universe to the titles most pertinent to your library.
  • Books supplied from a Book Approval Plan or a Slip Plan can be delivered shelf ready; processing can be customized to suit your library’s specifications. 
  • ProQuest's Approvals Selection Team understands a library’s collection needs and can therefore make nuanced decisions regarding which approval books to send, which titles should be sent to librarians as new title notifications, and which titles to exclude.
  • Through OASIS, you can create and modify your own Slip Plan instantly. 
  • Each new title notification can be delivered to one or more library selectors, accommodating the interdisciplinary nature of so many titles today. OASIS records and shows to every user all actions taken on a title by any selector, providing maximum transparency for selection decisions.   


Libraries receive ongoing support in the following areas:
  • Profile adjustments to reflect changes in subject areas, collection policies, budgets and staff responsibilities
  • Continual OASIS training 
  • Management reports via OASIS and customized reports available as needed
  • Ongoing communication with ProQuest's Approvals Selection Team 
  • Regular consultation with your dedicated Area Manager