Edit order info...

The Edit Order Info option is where you can enter any required order details to titles. 

  • From the Action Arrow or the Order Info tab in the bottom half of the split screen, you have the option to apply the information to one title. 
  • From the Bulk Action Buttons you have the option to apply the information to all checked titles. If there are fields already filled which you want to overwrite make sure you check the box at the top right of the Order Info form.  If you do not check this box any information already filled will remain.‚Äč
  • For Multi-Line orders there is a 1 to 1 match in the Bulk Edit options. This means that you cannot append a 2nd line to a 1 line order, without re-entering the first line. Whenever possible, we recommend checking the "overwrite existing order info" box to prevent errors while editing multiple order info lines.

Example of appending without overwriting existing info:

‚ÄčTitle 1 displays order info for Fund A 
Title 2 displays order info for Fund B

You wish to add an additional line for Fund C to each of the 2 titles. 

You cannot simply check both titles and add a new Order Info line for Fund C, as this would correspond to the order line already entered for both titles, and would either do nothing or overwrite the existing information if the overwrite box has been checked.

Instead: enter any information into line 1 (do not worry about it being correct, as line 1 is already filled in for both titles) and then add the order info for Fund C in line 2.

Now Title 1 will display order info for Fund A and Fund C, and Title 2 will display order info for Fund B and Fund C.