Please contact your Sales Manager or your Customer Services Representative to discuss your library's workflow and how to work with ProQuest to take advantage of the features listed here.

Order Information Customization

Libraries can work with ProQuest to create customized drop-down options for frequently used and highly populated (i.e. Fund and Location Code) fields in Order Info:

Creating new fields

 Libraries can request that ProQuest add new fields which are relevant for their own workflow:

Creating required fields

Order Info can be set up so that the selection or order cannot proceed to the next step unless all of the required fields are filled in.  This can be done for the Selector as well as the Ratifier.

When a title is missing required information, it will appear back on the list with a message indicating which required information is missing, such as: Fund and Holding Code fields are required.

Individualized Order Info for each Selector

Order Info can be customized so that each selector only sees order details that are relevant to them personally.  For example, a biology selector would see "BIO" in the fund and the corresponding choices for location, such as "Undergrad Lib" and "Grad Lib".

In the example below, the selector chooses the fund "math" and then only has on option for location code, "SCI":