OASIS Review Shelf

‘Review Approval Books,’ an OASIS feature under the New Titles menu, enables online review by library selectors of print and eBook Approval titles prior to invoicing and shipment by ProQuest, for a pre-determined period of time. 

This menu option displays eBooks as well as print books to selectors who participate in an Approval Plan.
If a profile generates ‘Book’ output for both print and e, both formats will now be displayed together under ‘Review Approval Books’, as noted in the screenshot below.
This is an opt in service for Approval libraries, who want to make online review of Approval titles available to their selectors, prior to invoicing and shipping of the books.  For libraries that choose not to opt in, there is no change at all to their Approval Plan.

For libraries that opt in, selectors will see only those Approval titles ‘routed’ to them by their profile.  (Previously, in ‘Review Approval eBooks,’ all selectors saw all Approval titles.)
Titles are displayed in a single list, due to the limited review period (not a series of weekly lists.)
Libraries choose how long a review period selectors will have (7 days, 14 days, etc.), and choose a default action (invoice or cancel) for titles where no selector action takes place during that period.
Selectors may ‘Accept Now’ or ‘Reject Now,’ which are instant actions not requiring a subsequent ‘Process List’ step.  Further, selectors may choose to either ‘Retain on List’ or Remove from List’ for either an ‘Accept Now’ or ‘Reject Now’ action.

Here the first title on the list has been rejected and retained on the list.  When the option to "Retain on List" is selected the title cannot be removed and will remain on the list until the end of the user's review period.


This screen shows a normal Search result for this same title, where the selector’s name and action taken in ‘Review Approval  Books’ is viewable anywhere in OASIS by all users at the library.  The same would be true for a title ‘Accepted’ by a selector.  As the second title here, where we’ve returned to ‘Review Approval Books,’ has been.


Titles Accepted or Rejected and ‘Removed’ from the list would no longer appear in ‘Review Approval Books,’ but the action taken, again, would be visible throughout OASIS.


All ‘Accepted’ titles move to ‘Approval Books Selected.’ No further ‘Accept/Reject’ actions are allowed here.



‘Mark to Accept’ or ‘Mark to Reject’ would mark titles for subsequent batch processing through ‘Process List.’


Here the first title has been marked as ‘Accept’ and the second marked as ‘Reject.’


Process List’ would complete the actions, where selectors have the same choice whether or not to ‘Retain on List.'  Again, if no action is taken by the end of the library’s review period, the library’s default action, which would be to invoice or cancel (corresponding in effect to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’) would then take place for all remaining titles.


Another possible action is ‘List/Forward.’


Titles ‘Moved’ off of ‘Review Approval Books’ will be considered ‘Rejects.’


All ‘Rejected’ titles are also sent to the user’s ‘Recycle Box.’


Titles ‘Copied’ and 'Moved' remain on ‘Review Approval Books’ and can still be actioned as either ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject.’


The highlighted title below has been moved to a list, but remains on ‘Review Approval Books.’


Titles in ‘Review Approval Books’ may be sorted in a variety of ways, including ‘Approval Review Date,’ which would place the titles nearest to the end of their review period at the top of the list.


Lists may also be filtered in a variety of ways.


In ‘Review Approval Books,’ selectors may also change local pre-assigned data such as fund and location, by calling up ‘Order Info,’ either through the Action arrow or the Order Info tab.


Here is a set of original data pre-assigned by the library’s Approval plan profile.


The data may be changed and saved by the selector.  ‘Fill All’ will save the new data to all unactioned titles on the list.  ‘Fill Actioned Only’ will save the new data to all titles on the list marked as ‘Accept,’ but not yet finished with ‘Process List.’  Changes to Order Info must take place prior to a “Now’ action or to ‘Process List’ for marked titles.



Once an ‘Accept’ action is taken, either “Now’ or through ‘Process List', Order Info is grayed out and further change to Order Info is not allowed.


Order Info may also be used to record Internal Notes.


‘Review Approval Rejects’ is another new menu option under ‘New Titles.’  Here, all selectors will see all titles rejected by any selector at the library.  These titles are again displayed in a single list (not a weekly list) and will remain in ‘Review Approval Rejects’ for the length of a review period set by the library.  (This review period can be the same length or of a different length than the period set for ‘Review Approval Books.’)


In ‘Review Approval Rejects,’ Internal Notes recorded by a selector will be viewable by all other selectors.


In ‘Review Approval Rejects,’ all selectors will have the opportunity to review both their own and their colleagues’ prior ‘Rejections.’  Selectors if they wish can reverse those decisions through either of the ‘Accept’ actions shown above.  Once ‘Accepted’ in this menu, titles are removed from ‘Review Approval Rejects.’