OASIS Lite Setup


Only the Administrator of an OASIS account can switch an existing user to ‘LITE’ using Administration/Manage Account/Security Tab, not forgetting to ‘Save’ the change.

-      This changes the Menu and the screen layout as a whole.

-      Checkout type may be selected. The user can be a ratifier if required.

-      A LITE user may have Slip Notifications routed to them. The default reminder of new slips arriving is 7 days.

-      The user can see but not edit any settings in this tab.


Administration/Manage Account/Personal

The Personal tab must have all mandatory (*) fields completed at the time the Administrator ‘switches the user on’.

A user can amend their ‘personal’ details, and again the mandatory fields apply.


Administration/Manage Account/Eligibility (Administrator only)

The Administrator can set up LITE users with default Fund Location and Loan Type codes like any other user.

The user may look at these fields but not edit them.

A link is provided if the LITE user needs to ask their Administrator to adjust these settings.


Pre-pub Match and Block on Approval tabs have a ‘Not applicable for LITE Users’ message appended.

If you have any questions, please raise them with your Area Manager or Customer Services Representative.