The goals of the 'Community Groups' project are to encourage collaboration and transparency for the maximum benefit of the library.

By enabling libraries to share their collection decisions with other libraries, we are working towards collaborative collection development model that will suit consortia and all other libraries wishing to work closely with each other to buy books, eBooks, and AV materials.

Below are the main phases of the project:

  • All Customer Demand
  • Community Groups
  • Shared Lists
  • OASIS Inbox

All Customer Demand

 Currently available in OASIS by hovering over 'All Customer Demand' in the title record.  The table displays actions taken on a title by different countries.


pBooks- how many print books of this title have been purchased by the country

eBooks- how many electronic books of this title have been purchased by the country

Slips- how many slips (new title notifications) were sent to selectors in the listed country

Lists- how many individual Lists in OASIS this title is saved in, by country

Community Groups

OASIS Communities allows users to create a network of libraries and individuals that they share information with.  

  • the Admin will define which libraries are able to be chosen from
  • individual users will create a group (i.e. 'my biology group')
  • individual users will add members to that group.  Members are both whole libraries and other individual users.
  • when the individual user looks at a title, if any of the Group members have taken action with that title, the individual will be able to see what action (i.e. bought the title, put the title on a List, received a Slip Notification, recycled the title)

For more information, please click here.

Shared Lists

This feature will allow individuals to create shared Lists between themselves and other OASIS users, both colleagues and individuals from other libraries.

All members of the Shared List can contribute titles to the List and select titles from the List. 


This is the development of a messaging system within OASIS.  The possibilities of its use are:

  • users can choose to have messages that have been forwarded to them arrive in their new Inbox
  • users can choose to have faculty recommended titles arrive in the Inbox
  • users can send messages to their colleagues, members of their Community Group, and to members of their Shared List