Overview of MARC Downloading & Quotes

FTP MARC & Order - FTP MARC & Clear

The FTP MARC and Order checkout facility provides the ability to make selections from either electronic notification slips or database searches, download a MARC file into your Library Management System (LMS) and place orders in one step.

If you are currently ordering through your EDI capabilities, the downloaded file can be FTP'd directly into your LMS and used to create an EDI order. Once you have confirmed the file download properly, the selections are cleared from your OASIS shopping cart or ordering list. (FTP MARC & Clear)

The above will work for most Library Management Systems including Millennium 'Quick-Click'

There are alternative methods. MARC Download & Order may be used if you prefer to download into a local PC or server first and to the upload the MARC file into your LMS to create acquisitions or holding records in your system at the same time as placing an order directly with ProQuest. MARC Download & Clear is for those who prefer to download into a local PC or server first and to then upload the MARC file into the LMS to create acquisitions or holding records in your system before placing an order via EDI.

The downloaded MARC records have the standard tags and can be modified to suit the needs of your system. Additional local ordering data can be mapped to the 9XX fields as required. See MARC Info.

Before choosing either of these options, the library should carefully consider its selection and acquisitions workflow. For example, some libraries have many selectors that send selections to Acquisitions for approval. This would result in one file being downloaded from the Acquisitions Department. On the other hand, there are libraries that have many selectors who have ordering authority. In this case, many files might be downloaded per day or week. In this last instance, it may be preferable to have a generic 'Acquisitions' account created to streamline the MARC download feature. However, there are libraries that prefer to have each selector download their own MARC files.

NOTE: Users of MARC records from OASIS must abide by 'Guidelines for the Use and Transfer of OCLC-Derived Records'.

See: http://www.oclc.org/support/documentation/worldcat/records/guidelines

An alert appears when MARC downloads are invoked at OASIS checkout.

Setting up and Testing FTP MARC or MARC Download

In order to set up these checkout types in OASIS, it is necessary to contact Technical services - see below.

To test MARC download, see the information here.

CAUTION: If you do not wish to place an actual order when testing FTP MARC & Order or MARC Download & Order, when prompted with the question Create Firm Order, ignore the question, click the Shopping Cart and remove the titles from the cart. See Action Arrow.

You can open your MARC file to review. It is best to use notepad. You will see the tags you have set. From here the file is ready to load to your ILS.

Download Quote and Clear

Please contact Technical Services if you wish to take advantage of this service - details below.

For further details of these options, please contact:

For United Kingdom based customers:

Keir Finnerty, EDI Support Co-ordinator
Tel: +44 (0)1425 485850

For North American based customers:

Don Kaiser, Director, Technical Systems
Tel: 615 213 7444