From the Action Arrow or the Bulk Action Buttons, the List/Forward action allows you move titles to Lists that you have created and to Forward titles to colleagues.   

  • To create a New List within the dialog, enter the list name in the box next to New List, and click Create List. 
  • Choose the list or colleague(s) you would like to send the title to from the options provided. Only those colleagues who have chosen to "Accept Forwarding" in their Administrative settings will be appear in the list for forwarding.
  • Forwarded titles will appear in your colleague's Inbox.
  • If you would like to include an internal note, type your note and click "Save Note" to include this message.
  • If you wish to be prompted to enter Order Info for the title you are sending, make sure the bottom left box "Show Order Info" is checked. This setting can also be controlled in the Administrative Settings.
  • Drag the bottom, right-hand arrow to resize the List/Forward dialog box.
  • Click "Send" to complete the List/Forward action.

After pressing "Send," you will be returned to your original list of titles.  The title that you sent will display "Sent to ..." and show the list name, to the left of the action arrow, and your name will appear as the Initial Selector at the bottom of the browse row.

See also: Forwarding to a Faculty member (or Non-OASIS user)