Create/Maintain Lists

  • You can Add New List, Delete or change the Description name of an existing list.
  • You can also set the Life Cycle of any list from 7 to 730 days.
  • If you would like to set an E-mail Notification (when new slips are added) you can set:
    • Frequency to Instantly, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly
    • You can ‘Recommend’ Message Format – which will result in an email sent outside of OASIS, usually to a non-library selector, including detailed bibliographic information and three response buttons: ‘Recommend,’ ‘Reject’ and ‘No Opinion,’ with a field for free-text notes written by the recipient, whose responses will return in an ‘Authorize Orders’ folder which will appear in your menu
    • Choose the E-Mail Type (Plain Text or HTML)
    • And, enter the email to send the notification to – if more than one email is entered a comma MUST separate each Address 

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