Searching and Retrieving Invoices

Invoice History provides a user with the ability to view and/or print any invoice or credit note within their library accounts for Firm Orders, Approvals and Standing orders.

In the main menu on the left, click Search Orders/ Invoice History.
The display defaults to invoices created ‘This Week’. (It may therefore show no results)
Selecting a Period and/or Accounts will define the search results.  In the first screenshot example below we have selected 2013 as the Period and left the Account default to All Accounts.  This brings up all invoices for 2013.  For this account that totals 683 to date.
You can call up a specific document by entering an Invoice/Credit Note Number in the box below Quick Search in the upper right corner then click "Find".
A value is displayed against each line in the Value column, as well as a total value for the selected period at the bottom of the column list.