iFound Ratifier Workflow

When a Selector sends you (the Ratifier), an iFound title, it will appear on your "iFound List", accessible from the main menu of OASIS under "iFound/Out Of Print", where you can quickly and easily view copies selected by a selector (whose name is also displayed), along with internal notes and order information (if present) by hovering over the green tags in the browse row.

Most orders arrive in the "iFound List" with "Order" already set as the "Action" above the green action arrow.
If everything looks fine, you can batch process the orders immediately by clicking on "Process List", ticking "Check Out" and then the selecting the "Process" button, as noted in the screen shot below.

You can back out of this transaction by clicking on the "Cancel" button.


If you want to view other "iFound" copies or details before processing a selection, click on the "iFound" icon in the Browse Row to open the results screen.

You now have the option to "Deselect" and cancel the order, or "Deselect" and place an order for a different copy.
"Select Now" places the title on your "iFound List".

To add or change "Order Info", click "Close" in the lower right-hand corner of the “results” screen which takes you directly back to your iFound List where you can enter or edit order information using the green "Action" arrow.

When you are ready to send your orders to ProQuest, choose "Mark for Ordering" on titles not already actioned, and then "Process List" just as you would to batch process a non-iFound order.

Your second option is to click the "Order Now" button which opens an "Order Info" form if the "Show Order Info" box is checked.

Click "Save" and your order will immediately be placed with ProQuest.

To delete an order use the green "Action" arrow and select "Delete Now" or "Send to Recycling Box".
"Delete Now" removes a title from the iFound List.

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