Express checkout...

In order to select a title or titles quickly without using the shopping cart, selectors may choose "Express checkout..." from the Bulk Action Buttons. This option is also available to Selectors and Ratifiers. 
If the user clicks this option from within a Saved List, the title will remain on the list unless you initiate the removal of the title. In all other screens (e.g. Search Results, Shopping Cart, Authorize Orders and Slip Notifications) the title will be removed from the list after the action has been taken.
  • When clicked the Order Info box will appear and in the bottom left corner of that popup, a checkbox displays the text, ‘Show Order Info’.  The default is checked by default.
  • If box is unchecked, Order Info will not display and the order or selection will proceed without filling in Order Info.  If you elect to uncheck the 'Show Order Info' box it will be remembered within and across the users sessions.
  • All required fields and dependency requirements, must be in place and if required data is missing or incorrect (whether or not Order Info was displayed to the user) the order or selection cannot proceed, and the title remains on the list.
  • Always remember to ‘Save’ details added into the Order Info fields!