Excel Download

Whenever you are viewing a list of title records, you have the ability to download them to an Excel spreadsheet.  


 Note that if your list contains more than a 1000 titles, a warning message will appear in respect of the extra time such a list will take to download.

See also Printing

IE issue


Internet Explorer may block Excel downloads.
In order to protect users from malicious downloads, when an OASIS user with Internet Explorer uses the Excel download feature, a warning bar may appear asking whether the requested download is acceptable. For most users, if clicked as OK, they then have to start the Excel process again right away and the download takes place. Some may find that they are unable to proceed on this basis. It is local security settings that dictate how this works. Users will need to consult their systems colleagues to have any change made as this will be subject to local security policies. This is not an issue for Firefox users.
One simple check that can be made is that OASIS is treated as a ‘Trusted site’.
In Tools/Internet Options/Security/Trusted Sites/ Sites – ensure oasis.proquest.com is there. Again this may be ‘greyed out’ for some users and it will be necessary to contact local systems colleagues.
The following Microsoft help page link