ProQuest's Approvals service allows customers to establish wait times in their approval plan profiles in order to accommodate timing differences in availability for different formats, especially for print and electronic books.  Currently, in many cases, print and electronic formats of the same title are NOT released simultaneously.  This becomes problematic when a library would like the electronic book to be the preferred format.  Therefore, ProQuest has developed the ability for a library to choose their preferred format: cloth, paper, electronic, and to specify the number of days the library is willing to wait for it whenever a non-preferred format is available first. 

The following are some specifics:
  • customers can establish a print/eBook preference by subject or publisher
  • ProQuest can accommodate differences in availability timing
  • customers can establish a waiting period by subject and by publisher (i.e. 'prefer eBooks in physics, and am willing to wait 60 days if the print version appears first')
  • for a 'book' instruction, ProQuest will automatically activate the eBook for the customer, just as ProQuest would automatically ship a print book
  • customers are able to review their books prior to invoicing, via OASIS, and accept/reject the titles, in effect the 'approvals review shelf'  for print and eBooks
  • customers are able to review non-preferred formats 'waiting' for the preferred format to appear (i.e. a print physics book waiting the 60 days for the eBook), and accept/reject the title
  • a new approval output option is a MARC record, especially designed for Patron Select programs.

Patron Selection (PDA/DDA) Records

Libraries can now establish Approval or Slip profiles that generate MARC records, for print books and e-books, to be used in PDA/DDA programs.  Please contact your ProQuest representative for more information.
Once set up, the service is available via a Patron Selection Records (PDA/DDA) browse available under ‘New Titles’ in the OASIS menu.