There are two essential objectives to collections support in OASIS:

  1. Prevent accidental purchase of books already in the library's holdings by way of inclusion in a package
  2. Identify titles not included in a package for collection building beyond packages

Searching For Titles Included in Collection(s)

You can search for titles belonging to specific collections by adding Collection filters on the search screen. 

Collection Information in Search Results

If a title in the search results belongs to one or more collections in Oasis, the Title Detail tab will display the collections list.

If a title belongs to a collection marked as owned, the browse row will contain a message "Owned as a part of eBook collection(s)".
The Check Status tab will contain the details on when the collection was marked as owned.

You can narrow down your search by excluding collection(s) from search results.

Marking Collections as Owned

An administrator can specify which collections are owned or subscribed to by going to the Manage Group page of the Administration section and selecting from the list of collections in the Packages tab.