Block on Approval

Users can block titles on approval when they have been authorized to do so by the library's OASIS Administrator.


The Administrator will see a tab for 'Block on Approval' in the Administration/Manage Account folder.

To authorize a user for 'Block on Approval':

  • Administrator selects a user in the upper screen by highlighting their name
  • Then checks the appropriate box to the right of each profile in the bottom screen relevant to the user selected (this allows only these profiles to be blocked by the highlighted user)
  • The default setting is for all profiles to be unchecked

Action Arrow

A ‘Block on Approval’ action within the green Action Arrow will appear for users who have been given authority to claim by their Administrator. Any ISBN found by a user in Search results or on a Saved list will be eligible to be blocked.

When a user chooses to ‘Block on Approval,’ the phrase ‘Approval Block’ will appear in the Action column above the green arrow.

For users with this authority, ‘Mark All’ and ‘Process List’ will show the new action. Others will not see this new action.


When invoked, ‘Block on Approval’ will prevent both Books and Slips from being generated for all of the profiles which that user has authority to take the action on.


It is important to note that when invoked it applies to all profiles associated with that user. A user cannot block on other profiles either.

When a user Blocks an ISBN linked to other ISBNs, all linked ISBNs will also be considered as blocked for the same profiles.

OASIS users will not be able to ‘unblock’ an ISBN that has been blocked. This will need to be a manual system procedure. Please contact your customer service representative at ProQuest if a title needs to be unblocked.

Non-Approval Titles

If a user ‘blocks’ a title that isn’t in the Approval stream, whether or not it would have eventually entered our Approval system, the block be recorded and take effect for that library.

Titles Already through the Approval Process

The ‘Block on Approval’ action will not appear if a title that has already passed through all steps of the Approval processes or if the library has no active profiles.

Titles Partially through the Approval Process

If a title is partially through the approval process a user may block as long as they see the ‘Block on Approval’ option in the ‘Action’ arrow.

Check Status

The following ‘Check Status’ phrase will display in the title browse row.

The ‘Check Status’ tab will display the type of action, ISBN, date and user.


The Approval Profile Matches tab will display the actual profiles the title is blocked on, the selector’s name and the date of the action.