Authorize Orders

Authorize Orders, or Authorise Orders in the UK, is where all selections sent to Ratifiers will accumulate.  Authorize Orders is accessed from the main menu.

A Ratifier may opt to receive eMail alerts when new titles are sent to their folder - See Preferences/List Maintenance.

There are a number of different options for viewing items in the Authorize Orders folder.

  • Weekly selections can be viewed using the 'Lists' dropdown menu - the default is the current week
  • Selections can also be viewed from the 'By Day' dropdown
  • Using the 'Filters' option you can isolate a group of titles to work on by a number of different options (i.e., filter by fund)
  • You can also reorder the browse row in a number of different ways by selecting an option in the 'Sort By' dropdown

Hovering over the green 'Order Info' icon in the browse allows you to quickly view the information entered.  To edit this information, you can click on the green 'Order Info' and this will open the appropriate tab in the lower half of the screen.  Another option is to hover over the green 'Action Arrow' and select the 'Order Info' option.  This will open the 'Order Info' box where you can edit as needed.