Add titles to DDA pool...

Adding Titles To The DDA Pool


Libraries use Demand-Driven Acquisition plans to provide patrons with on-demand access to a specified list of books the library might have limited need for. Over time, as the cost of on-demand access approaches a level at which library ownership of the book becomes more cost-effective, a purchase can be automatically triggered. Librarians could make use of functionality in their selection workflow for adding books into their pool of DDA-authorized books, augmenting any automated additions with manual additions.

OASIS now offers users the ability to add title(s) into the library's DDA pool through an OASIS action while providing administrative and security functionality to support that capability.


  1. Library customer must have an available DDA pool associated with the ebook platform being added in order to access OASIS DDA functionality.
  2. OASIS Administrator users will have exclusive authority to grant their institution's users' access to the DDA action.
  3. Selector/Ratifier users will have access to DDA action only when granted authority as above.
  4. Only ebook titles can be added to DDA using this feature.

Enabling DDA Availabilty

As an administrator, you need to activate DDA addition for your group and account before you can proceed. To do so, please take the following steps:

1. Log into your OASIS account

2. Go to the Manage Group section under Administration

          a. Check the Enable Add To DDA Functionality checkbox under the Properties tab

          b. Save the change

3. Go to the Manage Account section

          a. Click on the DDA tab found among the administration options at the bottom of the screen

          b. Check the Allow Addition to DDA Profiles checkbox and select the relevant profile(s) for every user account you would like to enable for DDA

          c. Save the changes

Those users should now be able to add titles to your DDA pool.

DDA Availability

Following a Search, or a user opening a list or Slip Notifications, title’s DDA eligibility will be indicated in the following places:

  1. Browse Row next to the license options
  2. The "Alternate ebook platforms and licenses" pane in "Alternate Formats" section

Adding Eligible Title(s) to DDA Pool

      1. Add to DDA...

First, click on the Action arrow and select the “Add to DDA...” option in the dropdown menu, which will bring up the Order Info screen.

If Fund and Location Code or other fields are required under your library’s configuration, you will need to fill them in.

Once the form is submitted, 

 2. Add multiple titles to DDA at once

Currently it is not possible to bulk-add titles to the DDA pool. 

3. Queued for DDA

After successfully adding titles to the DDA pool, you should see an orange “Queued for DDA” label in the browse row as well as an entry in the Check Status tab of each of the added titles.

Please allow at least 24 hours for your queued titles to appear in your DDA pool. Processing takes place on daily basis Monday through Friday, so any titles queued for DDA addition on Friday will be processed on the following Monday.

4. Errors

If there is insufficient order information associated with your request, you will see an error popup along with an error message in red in the browse row of the titles in question.

To resolve the errors, repeat the steps required and fill in the missing order information. 

Identify Title(s) in DDA Pool

To identify titles in your DDA Pool, look for the “In DDA Pool” label in the browse row of the titles on your list. To see when a title was added to the DDA pool, see the Check Status tab.