MyiLibrary Access License

Libraries interested in buying books under Access pricing model will need to contact their Customer Service representative and will also need to sign an addendum to their current MyiLibrary contract.

The Access pricing model is a perpetual license for a set number of annual user accesses (sometimes referred to as sessions or credits) to a particular MyiLibrary title. Those annual accesses will be refreshed every 12 months at no charge to the library. These accesses can be concurrent; unlike traditional 1-UL or 3-UL licenses, there is no limit to the number of users permitted to read a book at the same time, so long as the library remains under the annual number of accesses allowed by the publisher.

Setup Access Model as Default License

Library Administrators are able to set the default display in OASIS from Administration/Manage Group.

In the screenshot above the Access license has been set as the primary default license.

This means that whenever a title is available as an Access model that pricing will display in the title browse row (as noted in the screenshot below) and pricing column when actioned.