Original Orders

In 'Search All Titles', when no match is found for the criteria entered, including valid ISBNs, the option is offered to create an 'Original order'. This applies whether just one title is being searched or where a title within a 'Multiple ISBN' search is not found.

When a single search is unsuccessful, the following message is displayed. Click 'Cancel' if you don't wish to proceed.

Click 'OK' to bring up the 'Original Order' form. Complete with as much detail as you can. Author, Title, Publisher and Year of Publication are mandatory and 'Add to' either your Shopping Cart or a List.  Title field is now mandatory when a valid ISBN that is not in the database is entered in the ‘Original Order’ form.

Click 'Confirm' .


When a multiple ISBN search contains titles that fail, the item concerned is clearly shown in the search results and by clicking on it, the same procedure may be followed to complete an Original Order form, whereupon the item will be displayed in the browse row and can be acted on in the normal way. Alternatively, 'Delete Now' is an available option under the 'Action' arrow.

N.B. Please note that on some computers some patience may be needed as the edited information can take some time to render in the browse row.