ProQuest’s Access-to-Own (ATO) model is a unique usage-based acquisition model for eBooks where all spend contributes towards ownership, thus allowing customers to control budget while potentially providing access to a wider pool of titles.

This new model has been developed for research institutions and academic libraries that:

  • Want to use usage-based (evidence-based or DDA) purchasing
  • Who desire front list and backlist quality content in their library collections
  • Prefer to spend collection funds on ownership rather than access

This model is available via ProQuest’s Ebook Central platform.  OASIS users are able to see which eBook titles are available for ATO in OASIS and compare that information to other platforms in the Alternate Formats tab as shown in the following two screenshots.

When and Ebook Central title is available for ATO licensing in OASIS users will see the flag next to DDA in both the browse row information (if the correct format is chosen) and the Alternate Formats tab. 

When ATO titles are added to their DDA plans, and if a purchase is triggered, it will follow the libraries Ebook Central license preferences.

Additional features available in OASIS for Access-to-Own the following features have been added:

  1. An ATO Availability option has been added to ‘Sort by’ dropdown in search results.  When this sort option is used the ATO Available titles will sort to the top of the search results list and non-ATO titles will be pushed to the end of the search results list.

  1. A column has been added to the Excel download feature for ATO Availability.  This feature is towards the bottom of the dropdown list for Excel download options.