Manage Group

Manage Group - Properties Tab is where an Administrator can setup display settings for all users.  This includes the maximum number of copies for a single ISBN that may be ordered, estimated net pricing, Selector signature retention, eBook platform license displays and other features, such as whether or not to allow a change to the MyiLibrary license from single to multi-user or multi to single-user.

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                Selector Signatures

                Order Info Customization
Manage Group - Marc Info Tab is where 900 fields may be added to the basic MARC record which is displayed in OASIS. Note that in order to receive a Premium record, it will be necessary to contact your Customer Service Representative or Area Manager to have this feature turned on for you. A charge is assessed for upgraded records. If you are receiving MARC records from our Cataloging area, downloading the basic MARC record and then overlaying the records may be the preferred method to follow.
Manage Group – Order Status Tab is where an Administrator can determine which reports are actually sent to the library by the usual transmission method. All reports are always displayed against orders in OASIS.
It is strongly recommended that Administrators discuss any possible changes with their Customer Services Representative or Area Manager as some can have a serious impact on users’ experience.