Claim on Approval

An approval ‘claim’ enables a user to place a firm order on an approval account. This can be useful to libraries who want to ensure that titles known to be needed at the library, often new or forthcoming titles, will be shipped on an approval plan regardless of what would normally happen to the title via normal approval procedures.

Users can claim titles on approval when they have been authorized to do so by the library's OASIS Administrator.


The Administrator will see a tab for 'Claim on Approval' in the Administration/Manage Account folder.

To authorize a user for 'Claim on Approval':

  •  Administrator selects a user in the upper screen
  •  then checks the appropriate box to the right of each profile in the bottom screen
  • the default setting is for all profiles to be unchecked 

If a library wishes to force data to be entered in one or more Order Info fields for ‘claims,’ validation can be enforced when the library Administrator checks an ‘Enforce validation for approval claims’ checkbox.  This checkbox is at the top of the screen in the new Claim on Approval tab in Administration.  The checkbox applies uniformly to all profiles. The ‘Enforce validation for approval claims’ box is checked by default. 

Any title can be claimed on approval, pre-publication or post-publication, no matter if it has entered or will ever enter the normal Approval stream.  If a title is claimed, that has no effect on whether or not it will later enter the normal approval stream for other customers.

Remember to click SAVE before leaving this page.

Action Arrow

A new ‘Approval Claim Now’ action within the green Action Arrow will appear for users who have been given authority to claim by their Administrator. It will appear in Search results, on Lists, and on Slip Notifications. It will not appear for Review Approval Books or On Hold for Alternate Ed.

Two options are provided for Approval Claim:

  • Approval Claim/Retain on List

  • Approval Claim/Remove from List

Both actions are instant actions.  Again, only authorized Users will see these actions.

No Ratification will be needed for Approval Claims, and therefore will bypass Ratifiers.

Order Information

When placing a claim, if validation has been enforced, the user will be always see an ‘Order Info’ popup.  If user has authority to claim on more than one profile, user must choose profile for this claim from a ‘Profile’ dropdown in Order Info pop-up.  Other values associated with that profile, such as fund and location, will then appear in appropriate boxes. 

The Order Info box does not include ‘Rush’ checkboxes, ‘Fill All’ or ‘Fill Actioned Only’ checkboxes.  Allow Duplication checkbox is included. The ‘Display Order Info’ in the lower left corner has also been removed.

Review Shelves

If an Approval Claim is taken on a title already displaying on Review Approval Books or On Hold for Alternate Edition, the claim will go forward, the title will remain on the browses normally, but the Check Status phrase will be changed to reflect the Claim.

Approval Books Selected

Once ‘claim’ actions are taken, a record of the action will immediately appear in ‘Approval Books Selected.’