The Administration folder in the main menu is where all users can manage and maintain their personal information, passwords, preferences and information display, frequency of email notifications, and complete management of lists and groups (including the 'life cycle' of lists).

There are certain sections within this folder where the Administrator manages the account setup and security levels and eligibilities for individual users, and the overall settings for the library as a group, including OASIS Communities.

This folder is also where individual users can manage, change and update their personal information, passwords, maintain their own lists and create and maintain templates.

The OASIS Administrator controls many aspects of how OASIS is set-up for the rest of the library's OASIS users. Under Administration/Manage Account, the Administrator can make changes to Security, Eligibilities, Pre-Pub Matches, Block on Approval, and Claim on Approval. Under Manage Group, there are three tabs specifically for the library Administrator.

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