Templates are available in OASIS version 5 for all users and have been designed for ‘traditional’ Single-line Ordering as well as Multi-line Ordering
For further information on Multi-line Ordering click here.

Users are able to create, edit, delete and save any set of local data as a template (which can be modified) for reuse on future orders. Default templates can also be set by individual users or by the Administrator.

Create a ‘Template’

  • First fill in all data fields you want to reuse on future orders.
  • Enter a name (as noted in the next screenshot) and select ‘Save Template’ to retain this dataset for future use. 

  • Once you create and save one or more templates you will see a dropdown box allowing you to select from different templates during your selection and/or ordering process.
  • Rename, Edit and Create additional templates
  • Delete unwanted templates
  • Set your own default template – user who set a ‘Default Template’, that dataset will always populate the ‘Order Info’ box when opened.

Always ‘Save Template’.


Managing Templates

Templates can be managed within the ‘Order Information’ box - but they can also be managed from the Administration / Manage Account / Templates tab.


  • View all your templates (Single and Multi-line) in the upper screen
  • View, edit and delete the highlighted template in the lower half of the screen
  • Create a new template in the box next to ‘Save’, as noted in the screenshot below. 
    • Using MLO TEST 3 as a basic guide edit any fields, or if creating a Multi-line order edit lines.
    • Change the name of the new template
    •  Save Template’



 For Administrator information on creating templates for library use click here.