Multi-line Ordering


Multi-line Ordering

Multi-line Ordering is an Opt-in feature which enables one-step ordering for library systems with centralized acquisitions for multiple sites or locations. Libraries can place orders for multiple-copies of a single-title, with varying order information (such as fund, location, loan type, quantity).

To activate Multi-line Ordering please contact your Customer Services representative.

Libraries who have opted in for Multi-line Ordering will default to the grid view (as seen in the screen shot below).


There are, however, two view options to select from, and either can be set as your default. The default change is done in the Administration / Manage Account / Preferences tab. Remember to SAVE.


Display All Lines – Takes you back to the grid view that displays a single screen with grid for multiple copy ordering of a single title (ALL MLO users will default to this view once setup has been completed).


Revert to Single-line View (or traditional view) – This form is used for a single copy order or can be converted to a multi-line display and used for multiple-copy ordering of a single title.


Customization of the Order Information fields is available. Libraries have the option of working with ProQuest to add fields or suppress those they don’t need, or to rename fields as needed. Please contact your Customer Service representative for a consultation with Fiona McCallum in the UK and Sarah James in Canada or the US to have this set up.


Multi-line orders can be created from the Order Information screen within any of the following OASIS folders either from the lower ‘Order Info’ tab found beneath the Browse Row, via the green Action arrow pop-up, or from the hover ‘Order Info’ icon should you be using a non-split screen.

  • Search All Titles results screen
  • Lists & Groups
  • Inbox
  • Shopping Cart
  • Authorize Orders
  • New Title Notifications

If you need to customize fields within the Order Information form please contact your Customer Service representative. All fields are now customizable.

For additional information on Customizing Order Information click here.



A default quantity of ‘1’ is always imposed in the ‘Quantity’ field except when you are using a template that has a different quantity saved.


For additional information on Templates click here.


Enter all order information (quantity, budget/fund, location/site, etc…) for the first copy on Line 1 as noted above.  To add new lines click ‘Copy’ to the right of Line 1 and that information will be copied to Line 2 as shown in the screenshot below.  You may change the order information as needed.


To add additional lines click on the copy icon, which will copy line 1 to line 2, or go to line 2 and as soon as you select or type data into the first column to the right of ‘Quantity’ your new line will be added.

‘Delete’ lines using the available in the third column of each line.  To SAVE your order information for the title you have selected you can either click on ‘This Title’ in the top gray banner or a more convenient place might be to select ‘This Title’ directly below the last column in the grid.

Use 'All Titles on List' to save to every title within your search results (i.e. if there are 100 titles in your results screen all 100 will have the same order information saved).

'All Actioned Titles on List' - if you have gone through your search results and actioned some titles (but not all) and want to save the same order information to these actioned titles use this option.

Templates can also be created within the Multi-line Order form.
To Activate Multi-line Ordering please contact your Customer Services representative.
Once a Multi-line Order has been created, this will be indicated in the browse row in several ways: in the browse row columns for Fund / Budget and Location / Site; and, when you hover over the current 'Order Info' icon, which will display all the information.
N.B. Multi-line Order is not available in the following folders:
Review Approval Books
Review Approval Rejects
On Hold for Alternate Editions