Forwarding Titles to an OASIS User (Colleague)

The List/Forward feature is accessible by clicking on the green Action Arrow  for the title you have highlighted in your title list.   A box will open which provides you with several actions. Select “List/Forward”.

From the List/Forward box, accessible from the Action Arrow, you can forward to colleagues.  You also have the option to send to several colleagues (OASIS users) at the same time.

The forwarded titles will appear in that person's 'InBox'.  If you forward someone a title today it will appear in that person's 'Inbox' this week.

N.B. In order for a colleague to appear in the list of forwarding targets, they must have  'Accept Forwarding' in Administration/Manage Account/Security ticked. (It is by default)

For forwarding eMail to Faculty or a non OASIS user, see also Forwarding to a Faculty member (or Non-OASIS user)