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Customized Order Information

Customized Order Information 

Libraries can work with ProQuest to create customized fields and drop-down options for frequently used, multiple-valued fields in the Order Info box to fit your libraries workflow. 
  • Add, remove or rename fields within the order information box
  • Customize drop-down options for frequently used, multiple-valued fields
o   Fund / Budget
o   Location / Site
o   Other fields i.e., Notify / Hold, Collections, MiL License, Loan Codes, etc…
All customization is done through your ProQuest Customer Service representative who will set up a consultation. 

Below is an example of a customized order information form.


  • All fields above the faint blue line are static and will be applied to all line orders within the grid of a Multi-line order form.
  • All fields below the faint blue line will translate to a grid column on a Multi-line order form.

The next screenshot shows how similar, but different, customized fields will look in a Multi-line order form.