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Author Affiliation

Whenever an affiliation between an author/editor and a university, college or other type of institution is known, it is recorded in the bibliographic information.  Author Affiliation in OASIS is broadly defined, e.g. currently teaching, visiting professor, used to teach at..., PhD earned at..., etc....

These affiliations are live approval attributes and can be incorporated into your approval and slip profiles. 

Not all books will have Author Affiliation.  It is also important to note that this process is not retroactive - Author Affiliation assignment began in March 2012.

This information is at the book level and not at the chapter level. Up to three affiliations per title will be assigned and these fields can be downloaded into an Excel file. 

In the Title Details you will find a tag for Author/Ed. Affiliation immediately following the Author field. The information will also appear in the brief bibliographic pop-up as noted in the screen shot above, with the identifier noted in the first affiliation at the end in parentheses.