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Activity Snapshot Report

Activity Snapshot Report

The Activity Snapshot Report is a static view of titles currently on the following OASIS New Titles menus:

Slip Notifications, Approval Books Selected, Review Approval Books, Review Approval Rejects, and On Hold for Alternate Eds.

It will be useful for any library with a Slips profile or Approval Plan profile, in order to see the volume and ownership of outstanding slips; to gauge overlap among profiles; to analyze Approval 'Rejects'; to estimate final expenditures near the end of a fiscal year; and for other purposes.

Data can be viewed in a variety of different ways, including OASIS user, profile, publisher, Library of Congress or National Library of Medicine subclass, Dewey classification, print/eBook format, and others.

This report offers a Summary view, presenting data, and a Title Details view, which presents lists of actual titles. (The Title Details view does not display Slip Notifications, due to the potential size of that report.)

Below is a sample of the basic summary report.