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New to OASIS

February OASIS updates - ebook titles available for Access-to-Own (ATO) now visible in OASIS.

ProQuests Access-to-Own (ATO) model is a unique usage-based acquisition model for ebooks where all spend contributes towards ownership, thus allowing the customers to control budget while potentially providing access to a wider pool of titles.  This new model has been developed for research institituions and academic libraries that:

  • Want to use usage-based (evidence-based or DDA) purchasing
  • Who desire frontlist and backlist quality content in their library collections
  • Prefer to spend collection funds on ownership rather than access
The ATO model is available via ProQuests via Ebook Central platform.

OASIS users are able to see which ebook titles are vailable for ATO in OASIS and compare that information to other ebook platforms in the Alternate Formats tab.

For additional ATO information and OASIS screenshots click here to access the OASIS Help Portal.
October OASIS Updates

New Features:

Streamlined Workflows

    • When publishers/aggregators remove title(s) from their platform, the OASIS DDA available label is removed from the title and a MARC delete file is sent to the customer for internal processing.
    • Users are now able to add title(s) into the library’s DDA pool.
    • Libraries can set up an Awards profile to ensure receipt of books that win specific awards.
    • Users can search for a publisher collection/package and view titles or block them from a search if the title is already owned so they can avoid purchasing titles already in their holdings.

Click here for additional DDA ADD Button information.  Please consult the Help Portal A - Z List for other topics.

August OASIS Updates

Enhanced User Experience:

Greater access to title information via WorldCat link within the Title Details Tab

Faster ebook order processing 
Order sub processes now take only 1-2 hrs
Affects all ebook platforms except ebrary
Applies to any acquisition method

User interface improvements to alternate title tabs details, easier access to invoices and more...

Streamlined Workflow:

OASIS - ALMA integration with via API for print & ebook orders
Near real time transfer of order information to Alma for quick discovery by patron and staff
Saves time and improves librarian productivity

For more information please refer to the help documentation or contact us at oasisfeedback@proquest.com

OASIS Enhancements and Fixes Released on March 1, 2016

The latest installment of enhancements and fixes to OASIS was released on March 1, 2016 and includes the following:

  1. An enhancement to the Firm/Approval Orders search feature.  This has been split into two tabs, clarifying the difference between order and invoice searches. Order status settings now include Open, Fulfilled, and Cancelled options, all selected by default.  Below is a screenshot of this enhancement (to view a larger screenshot go to the Help Portal):

First tab is for searching orders:


Second tab is for searching invoices:


       The Help Portal section for Search Orders/Invoices (available in the A-Z List) has also been updated.

We have removed the reference to ‘Other Electronic Book’.  OASIS no longer indexes or outputs eBooks that can't be purchased through OASIS.  This was previously displayed as shown in the following screenshot:

  1. For books available through OASIS which the library is not licensed, the language has been clarified to read e.g. "Ebook available via Ebook Central [and/or other platform]. Contact library administrator for licensing status."


  1. The "In Library Holdings" call-out in the browse row now indicates the format held by the library.

  1. For customers who were experiencing an issue printing lists within OASIS the font size has now been increased.
  1. For customers who are set up for OASIS service APIs the URLs have been updated to oasis-services.proquest.com.


New in OASIS as of 19 January 2016

Our product engineers have been working on a number of OASIS improvements/enhancements over the past few months.  As of Tuesday, 19 January 2016, when you log into OASIS you find several of these changes have been implemented. 

Search Orders feature updated

The Search Orders feature in OASIS has been renamed Search Orders/Invoices.  And instead of having to decide which of 5 separate options you should use to get the results you are seeking you now have 2 clearly labeled and intuitive options: Firm/Approval Orders (1) and, Standing Orders (2).
  Before                                                             After

The option for Firm/Approval Orders is a simplified version of this screen, with functionality now encompassing that of two menu options we have removed, Order History and Invoice History.  This simplifies the menu itself.  Users now can, for example, search here for invoices only.

Old                                                                                            New